Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mr. Henry's and the Half-Priced Burger

For the sake of argument, let's say you walk into Mr. Henry's on Monday evening. You'd probably find half-priced burgers and mostly same-sex couples dining amongst many eerie paintings of cherubic young men and women. The burgers would be pretty decent, and on tap you'd find Rolling Rock, Sam Adams, and a fine beer of their own called Mr. Henry's Red Lager. Word also has it that if you order a cocktail, they'll pour your favorite libation liberally and to perfection.

If you were to order, say, the Jalapeno Poppers, you might get a plate back with only 4 of the said poppers, and think to yourself, "Really? Really???" There's also a chance you'd mumble, "Geesis, I ain't payin $6.50 for this shite." But then Jamiroqui might come on the Jukebox and that would make everything alright. (well, maybe...)

At this point, you'd pay your bill, anywhere from $15 to $30 depending on how bad your Monday was. If you planned your night out well, you probably head on over to Lil' Pub for Jeopardy. If not, you go to 18th Amendment for a game of Pool and hope some lame-o hadn't beaten you to the Jukebox. Or, if you're supercool, you pick up a fifth of Evan Williams and go watch Fishing with John for the rest of the night.

- Bouillonnui and Rowdy Chowder

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