Monday, May 7, 2007

Le Eastern Market est mort. Vive le Eastern Market!

We've been getting thousands of emails and letters over the past week from our loyal readers expressing their concern about the fire at Eastern Market.

Hillary Goo: "Eastern Market was totally the best… oh my god, all my friends are like, "DMY HG"... but I'm all like, OMG, I'm totally EMO.What do I do?"

Armless Jane: "WTF? No EM? WWBD?"

Forever Bisque: "Rowdy, I know, deep down, there's some good in you."

Battlecat: "What can I, just one woman, do?"

Hey all, for starters, you can hit up some of the local bars and eateries (put that on the list of words that sound dirty but aren't) this Tuesday night, May 8th. Hit up to see which places will be donating a portion of their profits to rebuilding Eastern Market. Check out for more info.


Aaron said...

we need to do more krispy kreme haikus.

why do the leaves fall?

Aaron said...
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battlecat said...


AbsentBroth said...

No one wants to do Krispy Kreme haikus in Seattle either. It's a dead art form out here.