Sunday, February 28, 2010


One of the newest joints on H Street is called Toyland. The place is on the South side of H between 4th and 5th streets. A friend and I went there for the first time on Thursday night for a few drinks and here are my initial impressions.

They have a small but interesting beer and cocktail selection, and what appeared to be a decent wine list. (Side note: Is everyone in this town out of Malbec? Is there a Malbec shortage? Last 3 places I've heard it ordered they've been out of it.)

The decor has a sort of late 60s vibe with fake formica covered tables. The table tops are kind of sticky. You cannot slide your beer bottle of glass to one side of the table with your hand. One possible result of trying to do that is that your beer will topple over on to the pants of the person sitting across from you. I tipped over 2 bottles before I realized why it was happening. No, I wasn't drunk. Hadn't spilled a beer in years.

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